One small step for Lunchbox one giant leap for Lesotho.

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It has been exactly 2 Months and 10 days today since the Launch of Lunchbox and the Maseru locals have shown an amazing response.

As a Computer Scientist by qualification my job is easy, identify a problem, design a solution, develop a software based solution, launch it into the market and collect feedback. By iteratively collecting and analysing data we at Lunchbox are able to tell whether or not our product has potential, and if potential exists then we have an investable product. A product that we can invest time, emotion, attention and even finances to.

Amazingly Lunchbox has exceeded our expectations. In two Months we have had 1 Merchant Sign up, A local restaurant called Evelyn's Catering. She gladly agreed to become our pilot. We made 38 deliveries in two months, 11 In February, 27 in March our highest number of deliveries in single day was 18 from three different locations, namely Maseru mall, Posong ,and Ha-Matala, oh that was a busy day. We have brought Evelyn more than 20 new customers including a customer from Leribe who Bought Lunch for her husband, the husband works in Maseru , you can imagine our excitement when that happened. 

Our Facebook page currently has 803 likes and we have 174 Instagram follows. Our website has 1055 visits from Countries like South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Luxembourg, Ireland, Mauritius, Switzerland, Netherlands and France. One lady from Luxembourg went on to comment on our Facebook post and said she wants papa and pork, we had a good laugh about it in the office  before we told her we don't have merchant's yet in Luxembourg, but as soon we do we will let her know. Our Job now is to encourage Basotho to upload youtube video tutorials on how to dishes like papa  and who know maybe we can export maize meal around the world and teach the world how to cook papa.

Recently one of our leads in Roma asked about our reach in terms of delivery services and this how I answered him. 

The vision of Lunchbox is to create what we call geofences, i.e Geographic cells with a radius of 5km all over the country/continent, who knows maybe even the world in populated locations with a demand of a service such as ours. In other words we want to have merchants/cooks in Roma that are part of that you can order from and can deliver to you for the same price. If for Instance you are in Roma and you are interested in pizza and and the pizza guy is located all the way in Ha Foso. We record that, Run a campaign and see how many other people are interested in pizza who are in Roma  and if demand is high  enough, we either help the pizza guy to scale, or Invite Roma based merchants to  to cook Pizza, but thats  a longterm solution, so in the mean time If you  are really dying to try out local pizza then we will charge you accordingly, But rest assured we will deliver it to you.


Fig.1 Geofencing


Apart from Merchants this Geofences will also contain delivery service providers. In Maseru for example we work with  Doorstep Deliveries. We handle Logistics, Merchants cook, Doorstep delivers to your doorstep and you our wonderful customer you have your lunch in your office where central heating is available and you get to enjoy your entire lunch hour break without loosing 25 minutes on the road due to lunch hour traffic , you save petrol because 3 traffic sessions is not petrol friendly at all. 

Will this work, yes it will work because this, this is a community solution. This is an ecosystem, this is how everybody wins.Join the winning Team. 

In a nutshell, here is how the amazing system works, in a very Shakespearean tone. Them that cooketh, cooketh. Them that provideth a market place, provideth a market place, them that delivereth, delivereth and them that eateth, eateth. 

Each entity does its role. In the end, everyone wins.

Checkout an article The NUL Research and Innovation wrote about us. 


In conclusion I would like to encourage cooks,chefs and local restaurants from all over to Lesotho for starters, to participate. Register,send us your menu,send us pictures of your food and and lets go for gold. Do you have a delivery service in Mafeteng,Leribe, Quthing, Qacha,TY, register as a Lunchbox Runner, and lets go for gold. Who said we can't have Papa ka Lebesa la mafi delivered to our offices, or home cooked burgers,pizza, likahare, traditional or conventional. Lets grow together.

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  • I luuuuuurrrrvvveeeeee the energy in this article!!! And kudos to you for this amazing platform,so essential man! All the best and never lose heart when the going gets tough, it might take a bit of patience and other things but your ATTITUDE is on point already! I need to order soon, for support!

    DeedyFaith on

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