Lunchbox is an online marketplace for food. We help promote vendor meals online and help them manage their online sales channels.On the platform(Website) customers can search for meals based on price, location,vendor, meal type or diet type.Customers complete their orders on the lunchbox website and pay using either  mpesa or ecocash. Deliveries are made by Lunchbox.

Why Lunchbox?

As Lunchbox our value proposition to our merchant is

  1. Online Promotion -  We take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to help  promote our merchant's brand and menu.
  2. Online Sales channel - Managing online sales channels can  be an expensive process from setting up the channel to managing it. By using a single shared channel vendors can minimise the costs while  maximising revenue.

Delivery - Vendors  cook and either deliver food to customers themselves or we handle delivery.

How does it Work?


Vendors interested in selling their food online via lunchbox register online at or call either +266 5872 4020 or +266 68813645.


    1. Brand Identity
      1. Logo (if You don't have one, we can design one for you)
    2. Menu
      1. Single menu item photo (High Quality Images, portrait )
      2. Price
      3. Meal Name and Description(.ie Chicken-Stew from Evelyn's Catering )
      4. Meal  schedules for instance,specify which meals are available on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,etc.

How does it cost?




  • Display your menu on lunchbox website
  • Display Menu on Lunchbox Facebook Shop

Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • Ad design
  • Ad Management
    • Build audience based on Demographics
    • Reach audience based on Budget

Online Sale management

  • Handling online Sales channels(Website,App, and Social Media)

R50 Monthly Subscription fee