Become a Lunchbox runner.  Collect and deliver meals to customers.

Why Lunchbox?

As Lunchbox our value proposition to our Runners is

  1. Online Promotion -  We take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to help  promote our runners's brand.
  2. Online Sales channel - Managing online sales channels can be an expensive process from setting up the channel to managing it. By using a single shared channel vendors can minimize the costs while  maximising revenue.
  3. Delivery - Vendors  cook and either deliver food to customers themselves or we handle delivery.


How does it Work?


If you are interested in becoming a runner register on our wbesite online or call either +266 5872 4020 or +266 68813645.


    1. Brand Identity
      1. Logo (if You don't have one, we can design one for you)
    2. Menu
      1. Single menu item photo (High Quality Images, portrait )
      2. Price
      3. Meal Name and Description(.ie Chicken-Stew-lyn from Evelyn's Catering )
      4. Meal  schedules for instance,specify which meals are available on monday,tuesday,wednesday,etc.

How does it cost?






  • Display your menu on lunchbox website
  • Display Menu on Lunchbox facebook Shop

Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • Ad design
  • Ad Management
    • Build audience based on Demographics
    • Reach audience based on Budget

Online Sale management

  • Handling online Sales channels(Website,App, and Social Media)

R150(subscription fee) + 15% of online sales p/m


Current Runners